COVID-19: Guidance for Volunteers

COVID-19: Guidance for Volunteers

Prepared by 

Daniel Flynn, Principal Psychology Manager, Cork Kerry Mental Health Services,

Head of Psychology Services Ireland (HPSI) 15.03.2020

Thank you for offering your support to your community. The following is a general guidance for volunteers. It is understandable that you and the people you maybe volunteering with may be experiencing heightened levels of worry in the context of current COVID-19 pandemic.

When people are fearful, they are more likely to spiral into an emotional mind state where their fight/flight response will be activated. When the volume goes up on our emotions, we may become more reactive, tenser and quicker to anger.

We are all different and unique and will have ways that work best for us to regulate or turn down the volume of our emotions and ultimately our anxiety and fear the context of COVID-19 . We call this our Wise mind, where our emotion is balanced by logic and reason.

As a volunteer you will need to be mindful of your own ability to manage your emotions, but you may also need to be mindful of the emotions of others you are meeting in the context of your work. It will be important to work in Wise mind.

The attached might be useful guidance to manage yourself and your responses to others. The word GIVES reminds us the giving our time needs to be positive for us and for those we work working with.