Symptoms of coronavirus

It can take up to 14 days for symptoms of coronavirus to appear. They can be similar to the symptoms of cold and flu.

Common symptoms of coronavirus include:

For people who get infected with coronavirus:

  • 80% will have mild illness and make a full recovery within a few weeks
  • 14% will have a more severe illness
  • 6% will have a critical illness

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Protect yourself and others from coronavirus

Coronavirus is spread in sneeze or cough droplets. To infect you, it has to get from an infected person’s nose or mouth into your eyes, nose or mouth. 

It’s important to wash your hands properly and often. Please find more information below to help you stay virus free.

  • “Social Distancing” is the only way

    "Social Distancing" is the only way

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) is highly contagious and in the absence of a cure or vaccine. Social distaning is only way to slow down the spread of the virus. The experts say that keep at least 2m or 6 feet of distance from people to avoid the infection from this virus. It is a good question to ...

  • How to wash your hands properly

    How to wash your hands properly

    Hands are carrier of germs and it is very important to wash your hands very often to kill the COVID-19 virus. Please, also use hand sanitizers because they kill viruses and bacteria as well. Soap and hand sanitizers destroy the viruses as could be seen in the following video.